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Our Cozy Camper Story

Worry Free Camping Experiences was our first company motto. Back then, Cozy Camper ATX was an RV rental company. Founded right before the pandemic, most of our early customers were first responders or essential workers on the front lines. As restrictions lifted and people began to travel, we felt called to help people find their confidence to explore the world again.

We stocked our rental RVs with everything our we thought our renters needed on the road, connected them with roadside assistance when necessary, provided first rate orientations and committed to quick responses to all inquiries. We were blessed by the success we experienced in those early days. 

As time went on, we found that our founders, Michael Murphy and Shawn Reade, were spending more and more time fixing RVs and it was drawing our attention away from our customers. We decided to pivot our business. We still wanted to provide worry free camping, but we decided to do it through repair and inspection services. Once again, we were blessed with success. 

Today, Michael and Elizabeth Murphy run the day to day operations at Cozy Camper ATX. Michael is our premier inspector and technician while Elizabeth manages behind the scene. The Murphy family has a young son, two needy dogs and a love of the outdoors.  

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